(video) John 5:30-47

In this section, we learn how Jesus is God’s representative. We also learn about the […]

(video) John 5:19-29

We continue our study in John 5:19-29 and see more ways in which Jesus is […]

(video) John 5:18

In this video, we lay the groundwork for the Pharisees accusation that Jesus is making […]

(video) John 5:1-17

Jesus heals the man at the pool of Bethesda

(video) John 4:46-54

In this short video, we dig into the account of Jesus healing the nobleman’s son […]

(video) John 3:1-21

This week we see the discussion between Jesus and Nicodemus.

(video) John 2:12-25

This week we see Jesus going to the Passover and cleansing the Temple. We also […]

(video) John 2:1-12

n this video, we get to read about the first miracle Jesus did. If you […]

(video) John 1:35-51

Welcome to the last video for John 1. We will be talking about the calling […]

(video) John 1:30-34

We continue our study in John at chapter 1:30-34. This is a little shorter than […]