John 4:46-54

In this short video, we dig into the account of Jesus healing the nobleman’s son […]

John 4:1-42

In this video, we learn about the Samaritan woman at the well and how Jesus […]

Genesis 3:8-24

In this video we get back to our study of the Old Testament and we […]

Christmas-What Christ means to us

In this last video in the Christmas series, I bring everyone back to the reason […]

Christmas-The Wise Men

I this video, we look at the arrival of the wise men AFTER the manger. […]

Christmas-The Birth-Part 2

In this video, we look at the details of the birth of Jesus The Star […]

Christmas-Announcement to Mary and Joseph

The Birth of Jesus is announced to Mary and Joseph

Christmas-The Birth-Part 1

In this video, we talk about the date of the birth of Jesus. Links of […]

John 3:1-21

This week we see the discussion between Jesus and Nicodemus.

Genesis 3:1-7

This week, we finally get to the Fall of Adam and Eve. Who was this […]